Swiss Golf Interclub Championships

Women A1 in Basel : gold medal

Océane Songyi Vulliemin, Ariane Klotz (captain), Anna Olesen, Ella Levy, Mana Hersperger & Lana Sudan 

Women B1 in Sion : silver medal

Anna Dosne, Alison Argi, Milagros Bemberg (captain), Victoria Roth, Saâdia Zetchi Leborgne & Anne Argi

Men A1 in Sempachersee : 5th place

Rodolphe de Heer, Florian Blatti, Richard Heath (captain), Max Tabone, Eric Feng & Jonathan Sikora

50+ Women 1 in Maison Blanche : 5th place

Milagros Bemberg (captain), Anna Dosne, Julia Lai, Saâdia Zetchi Leborgne, Anne Argi & Caroline Jurgens

Men B1 in Lausanne : gold medal

Oliver Diserens, Maxime Rochat, Christopher Lai, Anthony de Buys Roessingh, Xavier Mandelbaum (captain) & Valérian Huelin

50+ Men 1 in Bossey : 4th place

Anthony de Buys Roessingh (captain), Richard Heath, Silvio Bracone, Stéphane Lai, Pierre-Alain Devaud & Morgan Rees

Juniors (U18) : gold medal in Bonmont

Lana Sudan, Anna Olesen, Mana Hersperger, Eric Feng, Paolo Fazzone, Amélie Kumar, Vincent Rosset & Max Tabone
in the photo with their captain, Gérald Bussard, and Etienne Marclay (Swiss Golf Committee)

Other team members in the qualifying rounds : Ulysse Maillard, Adrien Medinger & Océane Vulliemin

Division A1 : 4th place in Leuk

Valérian Huelin, Sophie Ducrey, Jonathan Sikora (captain), Ariane Klotz, Rodolphe de Heer & Christopher Lai 

Other members of the team are : Silvio Bracone, Philip Deslarzes, Oliver Diserens, Richard Heath, Xavier Mandelbaum & Jordan Schmid

Division B1 : gold medal in Leuk

Philippe Dosne, Maxime Rochat, Victoria Roth, David Connolly (captain), Eric Hietarinta & Nicolas Cuendet

Other members of the team are : Ba-Gioan-Giu Hoang, Gaurav Kumar, Stéphane Levy, Frédéric Queloz, Morgan Rees & Jean Rouveyrol



ASGS - Seniors Interclubs

Seniors 70+ (ASGS) : gold medal in Montreux in 2022

Yves Hofstetter, Jacky Vuillet & Jorge de Sousa Mello

(No team in 2023)

Seniors 60+ (ASGS) : silver medal in Maison Blanche

Jacques Houriet, Robert Lei-Ravello, Yves Hofstetter & François Fragnière (captain)



Coupe Helvétique

Our team was defeated by Vuissens in the 3rd round of the competition.

This season's participants were : Sylvain Bardy, Arthur Correia, Philippe Guichard, Eric Hietarinta, Fadil Kajdomcaj, Antoine Perroud (captain) & Frédéric Queloz

Results :